Ancient Mana Dealers
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Welcome to Ancient Mana Dealers!

We are a progression raiding guild on Illidan server that is currently 3/10M and 10/10H in Sanctum of Domination!  We are looking for any adult who wants to join in on the fun as we progress through Shadowlands as a team.  Our guild is a mix of semi-hardcore raiders to casual raiders, but we also love to PvP, push M+ Dungeons, collect mounts, achievements, and do various other activities that WoW has to offer.  We are a guild with a variety of people with unique personalities, so everyday is something new and fun for us.  If you’re interested in joining the guild, please refer to the recruitment page!



Realm restarts will be on Wednesday, 26th January between 03:00 (CET) and 04:00 (CET). 15 minutes in-game notice will be given.

Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN on Twitter for updates.

A password will be emailed to you.